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Seattle Pole Dance Parties!

Pole Dance, Lap Dance, and Chair Dance Parties for Birthdays, Bachelorettes, and More!

Rebecca R

"I went to a Pole Dance Party with a group for a friend’s bachelorette party, and it was so fun! It’s one of my highlights of the year! The atmosphere was super fun and positive which helped me break out of my shell and just go for it! After that experience we all left feeling empowered and body-positive!"

Whether you're planning a bachelorette party, birthday party, team-building event, or a night out with friends, we're here to provide a stress free, fun-filled celebration and memories that will last a lifetime!

Our 75-minute parties are $250 for up to 5 guests (plus $50/guest after that) and include:

  • Professional dance instruction from one of our expert party instructors

  • A gift for the host or guest of honor

  • Custom Spotify playlist

  • A free class at our studio for the guest of honor

  • Optional platform heel rentals

  • Choose your own sexy level:


Keep it "PG"


Moderately Sexy


All out - down & dirty!

All parties are held at 124 N 103rd St, Seattle, WA at Positive Spin Pole Dance
Proud to be home to Seattle's only fully customizable pole dance bachelorette parties!


Pole Dance

  • Learn a choreographed pole dance incorporating pole skills and tricks that the instructor will guide you through!


Lap Dance

  • Yes, you will actually be dancing on each other! Learn a choreographed lap dance and practice it on your fellow party goers.

  • Recommended only if you're comfortable dancing on your friends!


Chair Dance

  • Learn a choreographed dance with a chair as a prop, incorporating skills and tricks that the instructor will teach you.


Pole Fitness

  • Learn pole tricks and skills with a focus on technique (while still keeping a festive atmosphere).

  • Recommended for team-building events!

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