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Seattle Pole Dance Parties!

Pole Dance, Lap Dance, Pole Fitness, and Chair Dance Parties for every occasion!


Whether you're planning a bachelorette party, birthday party, team-building event, or a night out with friends, we're here to provide a stress free, fun-filled celebration and memories that will last a lifetime!

Our 75-minute parties are $250 for up to 5 guests (plus $50/guest after that) and include:

  • Professional dance instruction from one of our expert party instructors

  • A gift for the host or guest of honor

  • Custom Spotify playlist

  • A free class at our studio for the guest of honor

  • Optional platform heel rentals

  • Choose your own sexy level:


Keep it "PG"


Moderately Sexy


All out - down & dirty!

All parties are held at 124 N 103rd St, Seattle, WA at Positive Spin Pole Dance
*Masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals*


Pole Dance

  • Learn a choreographed pole dance incorporating pole skills and tricks that the instructor will guide you through!


Lap Dance

  • Yes, you will actually be dancing on each other! Learn a choreographed lap dance and practice it on your fellow party goers.

  • Recommended only if you're comfortable dancing on your friends!


Chair Dance

  • Learn a choreographed dance with a chair as a prop, incorporating skills and tricks that the instructor will teach you.


Pole Fitness

  • Learn pole tricks and skills with a focus on technique (while still keeping a festive atmosphere).

  • Recommended for team-building events!

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