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Seattle Pole Dance Parties

Pole Dance, Lap Dance, and Chair Dance Parties
for Every Occasion!

Let's Party!

Your 75-minute party includes professional dance instruction, a group photoshoot, a gift AND free class for the host (or guest of honor), optional platform heel rentals, as well as many customization options! Prices start at $250 for the first 5 guests (add $50 for each additional guest).

The white silouette of a person doing a pose climbing on a pole. The background is a sunset and the figure is wearing a crown.
Neon Exhibition

Choose Your Level of Spice


Keep It "PG"


Moderately Sexy


All Out - Down & Dirty!

Rebecca R.

"I went to a Pole Dance Party with a group for a friend’s bachelorette party, and it was so fun! It’s one of my highlights of the year! The atmosphere was super fun and positive which helped me break out of my shell and just go for it! After that experience we all left feeling empowered and body-positive!"

Elizabeth Z.

"We were there for a bachelorette party and I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience. Our instructor was welcoming and including with very good instruction. Some of our group was more reserved/timid mixed with more outgoing people, but the instructor handled it very well and made so each of us had an enjoyable experience."

Gabby S.

"Our instructor was totally chill, supportive, and talented. It's very friendly and non-intimidating!"
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