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Pole Party FAQ

How many guests can I bring?

We recommend up to 12, but will take up to 15 if you don't mind getting cozy!

Do I need to know the total number of guests when I book?

Nope! Your down payment and subsequent autopay cover the minimum number of guests for your party. If you have extras, you can pay for them when you arrive.

What if I have fewer guests than the minimum for the party I want?

No problem! You can still party with us by paying for the minimum number of guests.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my party?

You can reschedule your party up to 7 days in advance at no extra cost. You can cancel up to 48 hours in advance and only lose your down payment.

How far in advance should I book my party?

Because our parties are popular, we recommend booking your pole party at least a month in advance. We will take bookings up to 6 months in advance.

Where are the parties held?

Seattle Pole Dance Parties is a part of Positive Spin Pole Dance Fitness and our parties are held at our studio at 124 N 103rd st under the Leilani apartments. We'll give you specific instructions after you book!

What genders are welcome at Seattle Pole Dance Parties?

Seattle Pole Dance Parties and Positive Spin are gender inclusive! All genders are welcome! We were even featured on lgbtweddings.com for our inclusive parties!

How do I decide which party option to choose?

50 minute parties are recommended for parties with 5 or 6 guests, who only want to learn 1 style of dance. 90 minute parties are recommended for parties of 7 or more who want to learn 2 styles of dance between pole dance, chair dance, and lap dance. 2 hour parties are recommended for groups of 10 or more.

Help I have more questions about your pole parties!

When you fill out the form on the bottom of our home page, one of our party planners will reach out to you to help schedule and answer any questions. If you have urgent questions, you can call or text 815.823.2076.